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Submersible Pump

  • All Stainless Steel Subersible Pump
  • Solar Pump
  • Plastic-Noryl Submersible Pump
Shakti submersible water pump is in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design and impeccable quality.
It has carved a niche as the most predominant submersible pump and the company is one of the leading suppliers of Submersible Pump in India. It is available in all size range starting from 100 mm.
Shakti Submersible Pump are manufactured from the superlative quality raw material using advanced fabrication technology, which ensure optimum performance and excellent quality.
Pump body is made with anti corrosive material with high wear resistance resulting in reduction in running costs and higher pumping efficiency and longevity.
The pump can work continuously for a longer period of time without any trouble.
Higher reliability and best results even under harsh conditions make it acceptable to its users.

▶ Solar Pump