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Vertical Multistage Pump

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The SCR Pumps are non-self-priming, vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.
The in-line design enables the pumps to be installed in a horizontal one-pipe system where the suction and discharge ports are in the same horizontal plane and have the same pipe dimensions. This provides a more compact pump design and pipe-work.
SHAKTI SCR pumps are available in various sizes and different number of stages to provide required flow and pressure for various applications from domestic to industrial to meet specific needs.
The pump unit is designed for optimized hydraulics with different types of connections, outer sleeves and other parts.
SCR pumps are available in different material of construction (MOC) depending upon the nature of applications.
▶ Technical Data
Flow( Q) Max 180 m3/h
Head ( H ) Max 330 m
Discharge Max. 3000 lpm
Rating 0.5H.P. to 100H.P.
Liquid Temp -40° C to +180° C.
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